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We all met via the wonderful Sejong Institute at the Korean Culture Centre and want to spread the love for all things Korean.

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About us:

Hi, let me introduce myself first, I am the 언니 of the group. I was always a fan of Korean Cinema, the rollercoaster of emotions you experience is something only Korea can do. My first experience was watching A Moment to Remember at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, and when the movie finished, I turned around to see girls sobbing into tissues and even the guys wiping away a escaped tear; that is good cinema. I then became a secret closet Kpop fan after randomly stumbling onto a Wondergirls performance of Irony whilst I was googling "asian hair styles" for a up and coming hair cut (true story). I was hooked. I fully immersed myself into the culture when the Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra era hit. I was hypnotised. The Dirty eyed girls was one of the most genius things I had ever seen and flung me into a life of fangirling, constantly waiting for subs like a mad women and watching fan videos of idols doing the most RANDOM THING EVER. It was a crazy world, and I was absolutely loving it!!! And via the Sejong Institute I was able to meet some other awesome people and finally have a outlet for all this pent up fangirlness and have people to go eat Korean food with :) ~ Ema

안녕!! I'm the er....is there even a word for the middle aged one in the group? Anyway, I also was a closet Kpop fan until I couldn't hold it in any longer and started forcing my flatmate to watch Super Junior music videos and badly try to copy their dance moves. From then on, it's been one terribly attempted dance move after the next, but I won't stop until one day I've mastered Infinite's scorpion move! After the fun of going to SM Town Paris, I've been wanting to experience more of the fun of the Kpop experience, and luckily met like minded people at the KCC. I now hope to be able to investigate Korean culture in and around London and inform others of what's out there. ~ Anna

안녕하세요! 저는 새라입니다! 내가 막내예요. I still remember the day I started to get into Kpop. My sister had called me over to listen to a Korean rap (TVXQ's Purple Line - Korean version). To be honest I didn't think much of it, just that it sounded funny. But after a while I really started to get into it and knew I was hooked. As my knowledge of the different Korean artists grew so did my love for the language and the culture. So I applied for the Korean language course at the Sejong Institute where I met a bunch of amazing people who share my interest in Kpop and Korean dramas! I am proud to say that I am a fully fledged fan of all things Korean and hope that I can share my enthusiasm with others. ~ Sarah

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